Student / Co-Living Rental Policies

Please read carefully if you are students or working people planning to use this rental as Co-Living.

  1. One tenant per room would be allowed.
  2. All tenants will be on the lease at all times.
  3. Each tenant will submit a separate rental application with supporting documents. Tenants can use the cosigner to get the application approved.
  4. Each applicant will pay additional $150.00 Application processing fees, in addition to an application fee of $80.00.
  5. The lease would be for the duration of 12 months ONLY.
  6. Property rent Per month would be 20% HIGHER than the listed rent of the property.
  7. Two months of Security Deposit ( always held in a separate Trust Account ) would be required within 24 hours of Signing the Lease.
  8. The first and last month of rent would be required at the time of move-in.
  9. Rent would be collected on the 1st of Every Month from the tenant or Cosigner’s bank account VIA ACH.
  10. The property would be inspected every three months by either landlord or his representative
  11. Parking guidelines need to be followed strictly. There is a two-car garage and space for parking in Driveway. The landlord or property manager does not take any responsibility for street parking as it is governed by HOA.

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